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Helping Trucking Companies Get Paid Faster, Without Factoring Fees, Thanks to LYNKS TMS

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During a recent appearance on the Dave Nemo Show, LYNKS’s George Thellman shared the microphone with trucking industry luminary Tony Tomase.

Tony is co-founder of our parent company RAN Transportation, as well as GetGo Transportation Company LLC, Go Logistic LLC, GetGo Garage LLC, ISpott LLC and Park at GetGo. He’s been in the industry for more than four decades. So we paid attention when he talked about the critical role of technology in helping small trucking companies get paid.

“If I have five drivers and I do five transactions a day – or maybe each does two, so I have 10 transactions a day – the week goes by and that’s 50 transactions,” Tony said. “To remember all those transactions – I know people use text messages or they send an e-mail. We have drivers who get per diem, and they keep receipts and put them in a shoebox.”

That’s a lot of records in a lot of forms, taking up residence in a lot of places. Those are documents you need to bring back to the terminal and turn in, and papers you need to keep in a system, in a place you can get access to.

And all of this is before you actually put an invoice in front of a customer.

Tony minced no words summing this up for those who are still resisting technology:

“If you’re using paper and you think you’re being efficient, you’re not.”

This is exactly the sort of thing LYNKS had in mind when we developed our platform, LYNKS TMS, and it’s especially pertinent when it comes to the question of getting paid quickly. Tony shared the stories of his early days in the business, when he saw many drivers use factoring companies to try to get their money faster.

And the one thing he knew was that, with every invoice that’s factored, the trucking company gives up a percentage of the cash.

“I thought, I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to give up that money.”

But what’s the solution when you need to get paid as quickly as possible? The answer is technology that can help make the process as quick as factoring – but without the factoring company getting involved or taking its percentage of the payment.

“If you can get the information to someone faster, you shorten up the gap in your working capital,” George Thellman told Dave Nemo and his listeners. “Using LYNKS TMS while you’re on the road allows you to get the information in the customer’s hands before the driver gets back to the terminal with the paperwork.”

That’s exactly the type of thing LYNKS TMS allows owner/operators and small trucking companies to do. It not only automates the billings, it also stores and organizes all the financial information so it’s easy for drivers and company executives to access it and assess how they’re doing.

It’s just one example of the many ways LYNKS TMS helps small trucking companies manage their business operations from the road – with speed, simplicity and accuracy.

We’re glad we were able to join Dave Nemo and his audience, and we’re glad Tony Tomase was able to affirm so much of what we know about why the industry desperately needs a powerful technology tool like LYNKS TMS.

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