How It Works

Group 186

Login to the LYNKS TMS portal.

Create your business profile complete with Customers, Brokers, Consignees, Users, and Assets.

create business profile 2
add a load

Congratulations! You can now start taking control of your business. Now we need a load, so let’s add one!

Add relevant load details including:

  • Goods description.
  • Load type (FTL or LTL).
  • Weight and dimensions.
  • Shipper and Consignee.
  • What trailer type will be required.
  • Relevant charges.
  • Any notes (Bring Straps or Gloves).

Once a load has been created, you will need to assign it to a Tractor, Trailer and Driver to dispatch the load.

Assign this load to the appropriate Tractor, and Trailer according to weight and availability.

Assign your desired driver to this load, and he will get the notification to his mobile device, which allows him to move the load.

assign the load

Now that the load is moving, we move to the Mobile App, where the driver can complete the driver workflow using LYNKS TMS on their mobile device.

The Driver will use his mobile device to:

  • Upload the collection signature and BOL.
  • Provide tracking information to all involved.
  • Deliver the load.
  • Upload the delivery signature and BOL.
  • Complete the delivery.

While the load is moving, no one is left in the dark. LYNKS TMS provides full freight visibility to all parties involved via the Live Tracker.

Live tracker will show relevant information according to which part is logged in. Brokers will see load numbers, Carriers will see Driver details etc.

track the load
generate an invoice

Your load has been delivered; you need to generate an invoice. Let LYNKS TMS take care of that for you. It’s that simple…

Notice how all activities are time-stamped and available for all involved to see.

Click the Invoice button, and LYNKS TMS automatically generates an invoice that you can download, print, or e-mail to the payer.

Your load is now complete, and you have sent the invoice.

Let LYNKS TMS make your reporting simple so you can focus on the road ahead…

  • Select the report you prefer to run.
  • Input the required data.
  • The report is generated, allowing you to download, print or save to your device.
sinple reports