Get control of your business with LYNKS TMS- designed exclusively for small logistics companies

Launch of LYNKS TMS Delivers Robust Mobile Platform to Serve Small Carriers, Shippers, Brokers

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LYNKS TMS, a mobile, cloud-based transportation management system designed to elevate carriers, brokers and shippers, opened for business and went live April 1, 2022. LYNKS TMS was established by parent company RAN Transportation Solutions LLC.

“LYNKS TMS is the first and only complete mobile TMS platform,” said Greg Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of LYNKS TMS. “It goes beyond mere dispatch to provide ultimate visibility into your operations. We designed it to help growing, smaller companies take the next step forward, and to provide established companies with an easy-to-implement tool that offers exceptional value.”

Unlike most mobile apps that are based on a more robust desktop version, LYNKS TMS has all the same capabilities as its desktop counterpart. Drivers can do everything from the road with the ease and effectiveness.

The monthly cost of LYNKS TMS is $49 per user, and $15 per driver. That includes every feature of the app. There are no additional costs, nor are users required to sign contracts. They can cancel any time.

Users of LYNKS TMS will have access to live freight tracking, 3PL management, end-to-end broker management and easy invoicing and driver settlement. They will also benefit from support in the areas of accounting, reporting, scheduling and dispatching. Additionally, functions such as track-and-trace and scanning of documents are embedded right into the system, and included in the price.

LYNKS TMS can also integrate with QuickBooks for accounting, although invoicing is a separate function of the app and does not need to be done through QuickBooks.

Fully functional for true on-the-go mobility, the app’s features include a document center, shipment and asset monitoring, real-time freight visibility and access to a preferred carrier network. LYNKS TMS also handles reporting of items such as driver mileage, revenue per mile and overall profit-and-loss information.

By launching LYNKS TMS, RAN Transportation Solutions solves the problem of mobile TMS systems that lack the power to meet users’ needs.

“A TMS system is not adequate if it isn’t mobile,” said Ned Lakshmipathy, MD, Founder of RAN Transportation. “But so far, the mobile apps on the market either lacked the full functionality to serve user needs or they relied on access to browser-based systems that are too slow and clunky for drivers to use on the road. LYNKS TMS provides all the functionality of the most robust systems, and the easy accessibility of a mobile app. You can start using it within minutes of signing up.”

LYNKS TMS users will now find it easier than ever to manage their customers, loads and billing while enhancing their customer service performance. Growing businesses will especially benefit from these features because they will help them get paid faster, streamline their back-office processes and increase their profits as they grow.

And the system is especially valuable to small trucking companies who have been trying to do business using e-mail and have reached the point where e-mail can no longer allow them to scale. LYNKS TMS provides all the communication functionality of e-mail, plus all of the many benefits discussed here.

Carriers, shippers and freight brokers can also connect to opportunities via the LYNKS auction board, where they can make offers, or bid on, available shipments.

And to make the system even more affordable than it already is, LYNKS TMS is offering users a 10 percent discount for every new user they refer to the system. That means a user who refers 10 other users will essentially enjoy free use of the system.

Established by its parent company RAN Transportation LLC, LYNKS TMS provides an affordable, cloud-based transportation management system that goes beyond dispatch to provide the ultimate visibility into operations, including geolocation alerts on any mobile asset and customer relationship management. It is designed to simplify and enhance on-the-road operations for carriers, shippers and brokers.