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Life By the Mile

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Technology is supposed to aid us in the things we do. For trucking companies and their drivers, it should automate, simplify and empower.

But in an industry struggling with driver retention – not to mention the imperative to rein in costs – what is required of technology to really make a positive difference?

That’s the topic explored in Episode 70 of Life By The Mile, presented by FreightWorks and hosted by Butch Maltby.

The guest is George Thellman, director of operations for LYNKS TMS by RAN Transportation. LYNKS is a recently released platform designed to automate and digitize many of the functions of a trucking operation – everything from paperwork and billing to dispatch and workload management, as well as many other back-office tasks.

But Thellman notes something interesting: While the average age of a driver is 55, it’s the younger drivers who are presenting the biggest retention challenge. And while they embrace technology in their personal lives, they’re not necessarily comfortable with it in their business lives.

The cause? Thellman believes it’s app fatigue. Too much friction. Too many windows open. Perhaps technology is supposed to make things simple but there are so many forms of simplification that it’s become increasingly complicated.

How can technology ease the daily workload while restoring work-life balance and helping trucking companies thrive – and especially retain workers?

These are the questions we answer in this episode of Life By The Mile.