Whether you are a small shipper, broker or carrier, you have likely considered a Transportation Management System (TMS) as you grow.  But, they are not all the same……

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Your TMS MUST be mobile

Your business is mobile, but most TMS software and functionality is not. It either has a lightweight, incomplete mobile app, or you’re stuck with a heavy browser-based website that is too slow to use.

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It MUST benefit your bottom line

Your LYNKS TMS provides you with an opportunity to manage your customers, loads, billing and provide great customer service. With LYNKS, we also offer a way to generate passive income by simply sending us referrals for new LYNKS users!

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It Must be Complete

You need a full-featured, powerful system that can manage your business (not a lightweight or old TMS that is missing critical features).

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It Must be Affordable

Don’t overpay for functionality and features you just don’t need – and that allow you to provide the best service for your customers.

The Big Question

So, how do you find a complete, full-featured Transportation Management System that is as mobile as you are, at a competitive price AND allows you to make passive income?

You should consider


Developed by experienced technologists in collaboration with the owner of GetGo Transportation and GoLogistics.

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Get control of your business with LYNKS TMS- designed exclusively for small logistics companies

Best Solution

There are four main reasons to consider LYNKS TMS as your Transportation Management System

  • 1
    A POWERFUL, truly full-featured, Transportation Management System.
  • 2
    The first and only complete Mobile TMS Platform.
  • 3
    Innovative, income-generating referral program.
  • 4
    Affordable and easy-to-implement.

Let’s consider each of these reasons in detail

1) A Powerful, Full-Featured Transportation Management System

LYNKS gives you access to all the popular features needed to run your logistics business effectively like: live freight tracking, accounting, reporting, and support. Plus…

Order Scheduling and Dispatching

Unique dispatching, load matching, driver assignment notifications, assignment by mode, rate confirmation, order dispatch and real-time status updates.

3PL Management

Keep track of brokers, dispatchers, and carriers in a customer, vendor, and carrier database—accessible from a easy to use web page. Allowing you to track vendor information and activities through the entire supply chain process.

Broker Management

Brokers can track loads and freight, generate custom quotes, and save a tremendous amount of time while eliminating frustration with one-click invoicing.

Asset Monitoring (Carrier)

Monitor asset location and driver status with real-time map views. Plus, mileage calculation, truck analytics, and cost monitoring allow you to optimize daily operations.

Shipment Monitoring

Live tracking and status of all loads, including updates on delivery status. This increases transparency and reduces the need for telephone calls and e-mails.

Automated Billing

Auto document compiling, auto invoicing, individual or batch invoice processing, plus custom charges, and invoice age tracking.

Document Resource Center

Contains all critical business documents like order completion, carrier and broker agreements, insurance agreements (including auto-saving of invoices and mobile app photos)–all available via the cloud and easily e-mailed to customers as needed. Never lose track of critical documents again.

2) INNOVATIVE Referral Program

You are provided with the opportunity to generate passive income from our innovative Referral Program. Receive a % of the subscription price for one year for each account you successfully enroll.

Key opportunities include:

Free Subscription

Receive a % back for 12 Months for each separate entity that joins LYNKS TMS. Once 10 companies have been successfully signed up through your referral, that makes your Base LYNKS TMS subscription free for the next 12 months.

12 Month Passive Income

Why stop at 10? Keep going, and you will earn more on EVERY subscription that joins using your referral code. So now your LYNKS TMS subscription is free, AND you are making money just by getting your network to sign up. So for the next 12 months, you are guaranteed to continue earning on your referrals for signing someone up once!

Network Benefit

Having your network on LYNKS TMS enables everyone to utilize the system more effectively. This provides transparency and confidence in every transaction and reduces the time wasted on unnecessary calls and emails.

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3) Mobile TMS Platform

Unlike alternatives that do not have complete mobile application functionality or rely on “heavy” web access that is not mobile-friendly, LYNKS TMS is the first and only TMS with a 100% full-featured, fully functional mobile app for true on-the-go mobility. Our mobile application has more features than our web-based application, which include:

Order Scheduling and Dispatching

Manage the entire process from scheduling freight shipments, assigning drivers and vehicles to delivery.

Document Center

Access cloud-based storage for business documents. Never lose track of critical documents again.


View accounts receivable and payables tracking, auto invoice and receipt uploads per shipment, costs and profits per shipment.


Driver Mileage report, Profit and Loss report and Revenue per Mile reports are all available directly from the Mobile Application.

Preferred Carrier Network

100% digital board for posting loads to a private network of carriers

Shipment and Asset Monitoring

Real-time map location and status of all shipments and assets, with auto-updates on delays and schedule changes for full transparency.

Driver Activity

Displays complete order history, uploaded receipts, driver updates, driver requests, notes, e-signature delivery confirmations, scanned documents and uploads.

Automated Billing

Allows automated document stitching (invoice, BOL, receipts), auto invoicing, individual or batch invoice processing, plus custom charges, and invoice age tracking.


4) Affordable and easy-to-implement

It also helps that you get the best value for your money with…

Simple Pricing

Get all the functionality you need for one monthly subscription price. Includes updates, training, and customer support at no extra cost.

True Monthly Plan

LYNKS TMS has no long-term contracts or hidden costs. Users are billed monthly.


As a carrier, you have received an order to deliver. You’ve sent e-mails, left voice mails, and entered information on pieces of paper lying around your office!

You hand the order to a driver after they respond to your voice mail, and the driver sets off to deliver the load. The shipper is trying to find out where the load is, which requires more back and forth phone calls to the driver and the shipper. It should be automated!

If you are not able to invoice on the go, then you cannot get paid on the go. Late invoicing leads to late payments, and you are not even sure if the charges were accurate.


You just subscribed to LYNKS TMS. Now go live after populating your system! Look at that. You created a load on the system, assigned it to a driver, and now your freight is moving.

A customer just called, you provided the link to the live map location to track their order. No “status” calls, messages or pieces of paper. Everything is smooth and efficient.

The system helped you reduce your costs and deliver faster. You click one button, and the invoice is sent to the customer with all charges already included. The BOL is attached right there on the invoice. It is quick and simple.

RAN Transportation Solutions is an emerging leader in the logistics software industry. We are independent and not affiliated with any transportation company. Our only plan is to help your business.