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Recession-Proofing Your Small Trucking Company to Survive Today and Flourish Tomorrow

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It’s hard enough to run a profitable business when things are going well. Even if costs are down and revenues are up, you still have to get the operational details right or you could find the enterprise struggling.

But how do you handle what small trucking companies are facing right now? Fuel costs are at an all-time high, pushing the overhead of even the most frugal operations. And while we keep hearing that inflation is driving up prices, you’d never know it from spot rates, which are down as shippers try to wring costs out of every aspect of their operation.

So with spot rates down and fuel costs up, how does a small trucking company respond?

A Powerful Tool to Lower Costs and Enhance Efficiency

There is only one way to handle this and it’s just what the shippers are doing – wringing costs out of their operation everywhere they can.

Lynks TMS was designed with this very need in mind. We may not have anticipated where fuel costs would be at this particular point in time but we knew how important it is for small trucking companies to get their operating costs under control.

There is no one tactic that brings success in this effort. It’s an enterprise-wide imperative, which is why we designed Lynks TMS to help small trucking companies in so many ways, including:

  • Monitoring assets and driver status with real-time map views
  • Monitoring costs on a continual basis to optimize daily operations
  • Automated mileage calculations and truck analytics, so you’ll know instantly which areas need attention
  • Automated invoicing – along with batch invoice processing and invoice age tracking – to optimize cash flow, which is essential in a market like this
  • Quick and easy access to all critical business documents – like carrier agreements, broker agreements, insurance documents, etc. – and a quick and easy method of sending them to customers as needed
  • A mobile platform with all the features of a browser-based system, so you can handle everything from order scheduling and dispatching to accounting and reports – from the road. Imagine the time and costs this will save.

Each of these features, plus many others designed into Lynks TMS, empowers the small trucking company to take an entirely different approach to running the business. No more managing the many stacks of paper lying around the office. No more scrambling to find out where a load is and spending time on the phone trying to discover who – if anyone – has the answer to that question.

No more straining to keep up on invoicing and seeing your receivables and your cash flow fall behind as a result – or digging through the billing records to see who’s paid and who hasn’t – and what if anything you need to do about it.

Recession-proofing your small trucking company means wringing out both costs and inefficiencies. Costs, obviously, because that allows you to operate more affordably. And inefficiencies because that puts you in a position to handle more loads and boost your revenues.

Leveling the Playing Field

Traditionally, larger trucking companies have had an advantage during times like today because they have the resources to achieve these efficiencies. For the small trucking company – with three-to-five trucks and very limited resources for back-office support – challenges like the ones facing the industry now could prove fatal.

The answer is technology that’s affordable, adaptable, mobile and easy to use – and of course, robust enough to provide all the efficiencies and functionality that puts small trucking companies on an even playing field with their larger competitors.

Small trucking firms can’t do anything about high fuel prices and they can’t do much about spot rates. But now, thanks to Lynks TMS, they can do a great deal about their own cost management and operational efficiency.

And the best news of all is this:

When the market dynamics turn for the better, which they will at some point, those efficiencies will still be in place – making your operation more efficient and cost-effective.

So deploy Lynks TMS now – to survive in the present, and to thrive in the future.