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Small Trucking Firms Deserve to Thrive, and Access to Technology Should Not Hold Them Back

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As technology becomes increasingly important for success and growth in the trucking industry, smaller fleets have faced a daunting challenge:

They have the greatest need for robust technology platforms and clearly stand to benefit the most from its functions. But they also have the most difficult time making the technology investment. It seems like a conundrum that will keep bigger trucking firms at a constant competitive advantage.

LYNKS TMS is here to support all carriers, brokers and shippers – regardless of size. When we designed our mobile platform, we were particularly focused on solving the economies of scale that too often work against smaller firms.

And we did it.

Pulling that off required us to challenge some longstanding conventions. We had to create a mobile app with all the capabilities and functionality that would normally be expected from a browser-based system. We had to make it all work on a single platform – as opposed to requiring integrations with other platforms. We had to make it very easy to sign up, understand and use. And we had to make it very affordable.

We are confident the industry will love the result. And especially for smaller firms, LYNKS TMS provides the opportunity to enjoy the community and networking benefits that were once the exclusive territory of their larger competitors.


With LYNKS TMS, smaller firms will have access to a wide array of benefits – everything from factoring to help with cash flow, to healthcare, to greater dock visibility. They will be able to utilize fuel cards every bit as much as their larger competitors.

Many customers are now demanding “track and trace”, which will allow them to locate their freight at any moment. That is an expensive single technology for trucking firms to acquire and most smaller firms simply can’t afford it. Now they don’t need to. LYNKS TMS has it.

And there’s so much more. LYNKS TMS automates order entry, dispatch, scanning, settlements and, of course, invoicing. So you can get customers billed more quickly and easily while still having the backup of factoring if you need it.

In today’s trucking industry, asset visibility is critical. And again, it’s much easier for larger trucking firms to deploy the technology that delivers this benefit. Now smaller firms have access to the same advantage, as LYNKS TMS offers geolocation alerts on any mobile asset.

Just think of the well-staffed back-office teams that larger trucking firms deploy to handle things like order scheduling, dispatching, 3PL management, end-to-end broker management and driver settlement. Smaller firms often can’t afford that kind of manpower. But LYNKS TMS handles all of it.

But even that might not be the most valuable benefit of LYNKS TMS. That’s because, above all else, LYNKS TMS creates a true community – a real network – in support of smaller trucking firms. It helps match freight with available carriers so trucks can pick up loads with less hassle and reduce deadhead miles – and freight brokers and shippers don’t have such a hard time getting their products delivered.

And in addition to connections like healthcare and insurance, LYNKS TMS helps connect users to everything from tires and fuel to parking reservations and telematics functions.

Perhaps the wonder of all this is that LYNKS TMS managed to make it available on a monthly basis for just $49 per user, and just $15 per driver – and that’s all-inclusive. No add-ons. You get everything for that one price.

Why? Because small firms deserve the chance to grow and thrive, and lack of access to technology should not hold them back. So LYNKS TMS made that possible.